Our Purpose

Quadra Island Foundation exists to help Quadra Island thrive – culturally, socially and environmentally.

Our Mission

Making Island Life Better

Our Vision

A Caring Community that is Creative, Inclusive and Vibrant

Our Core Values

  • Community Wellbeing: We believe a healthy community is engaged and interconnected and requires both social and cultural wellbeing and a thriving ecosystem.
  • Collaboration: We believe in developing deep community connections and that the best ideas for addressing our challenges come from within the community. We are better together.
  • Inclusive: We promote equity and embrace diverse perspectives, ideas and experiences. All voices are vital to our island’s future.
  • Integrity: We are trustworthy, transparent and accountable.
  • Bold and Innovative: We believe it often takes bold and innovative thinking and action to find the imaginative solutions that spark lasting change.

Strategic Objectives

Community Impact

Strengthen community capacity and partnerships

🗸 Act as a catalyst and convenor for community discussions and collaborations

🗸 Partner with other community organizations to address high priority emerging issues

🗸 Support other community organizations through resource sharing and delivering community capacity building opportunities

🗸 Impact community wellbeing through granting opportunities


Expand fund development and diversify revenue streams

🗸 Establish a fair and unbiased annual granting programs

🗸 Explore the feasibility of other government granting programs

🗸 Build QIF endowment funds

🗸 Increase awareness of local gift giving & endowment opportunities


Build organizational capacity

🗸 Continue to strengthen board governance through committee and board recruitment

🗸 Establish consistent internal processes and procedures that align with board policies

🗸 Develop an overall resourcing plan for QIF that improves organizational responsiveness and sustainability

🗸 Increase general awareness of QIF


Collect and steward community data

🗸 Undertake a Vital Signs report for Quadra Island

🗸 Establish databases for managing community-based data

Quadra Island Foundation was established as a public, charitable foundation to support a more resilient and self-reliant community.

QIF exists to generate community-based funding to help preserve and enhance the unique qualities of Quadra Islandour community life and the natural environment.

QIF works with our dynamic and engaged island community in harmony with Indigenous Peoples.

The local all-volunteer board of directors and community-based grant committee engages community members to identify local needs and to inspire generosity to meet those needs.

We collaborate with groups and individuals to encourage donations (often through wills and estates) as part of a permanent fund. Income generated from ethically-sourced investments is distributed as grants to eligible charities and activities.