About Our Grants

Does your organization have a community project needing extra funding? Are you a charitable organization or can you coordinate with a local charity willing to sponsor your project?

Stay tuned for opportunities to apply for Quadra Island Foundation community grants. Once application deadlines close, our community-based grants committee will review and short-list projects for funding consideration. As income generated from the QIF endowment fund growsthanks to generous donorswe anticipate distributing grants as often as twice a year.

We also partner with other organizations to help administer flow-through funding and donation receipts for specific projects throughout the year.

What We Fund

Quadra Island Foundation funds projects for the benefit of our people, culture and natural environment. QIF grants support a wide range of local charitable organizations and community initiatives, including health and affordable housing, environmental protection, education, agriculture, the arts, culture and heritage, recreation, community safety and more.

Although grants are not available for organizational operations, we will consider helping to fund strategic projects that increase an organization’s operational capacity, or new initiatives in emerging and high-priority service areas that match QIF’s purpose.

Important Considerations

QIF, like all public foundations, is restricted under federal law to provide grants only to registered charities and other qualified donees with the Canada Revenue Agency. These include:

  • registered charities with a Revenue Canada Charitable Registration Number (including registered national arts service organizations);
  • registered Canadian amateur athletic associations;
  • listed housing corporations resident in Canada constituted exclusively to provide low-cost housing for seniors;
  • listed Canadian municipalities;
  • listed municipal or public bodies performing a function of government in Canada.

Applicants that are not registered charities are eligible to receive funds only when working in collaboration with a qualified donee (as above), and a statement attesting to the nature of the collaboration must accompany the grant request. Applicants that have a working relationship with an organization registered as above may want to consider entering into an agreement. In this case, please review the Guidelines on Use of an Intermediary Organization for Charitable Activities. In these instances, the qualified donee is the applicant. Applicants must demonstrate financial transparency and solvency, effective management, and the capacity to carry out the proposed initiatives in the proposed timeline.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Community Foundation Funding for Neighbourhood Small Grants

We do not offer Neighbourhood Small Grants at this time. Please visit the Campbell River Foundation website for information on their Small Grants Program, which was established for projects that connect people socially or involve sharing skills or talents with each other during the pandemic.

QIF Does Not Fund

  • Ongoing foundation operating expenses, including fundraising costs
  • Funds to cover budget deficits
  • General fundraising drives
  • Annual charitable appeals
  • Directly awarded bursaries, scholarships, and awards
  • Benefits to individuals
  • Travel to and from or attendance at conferences, competitions, symposia, or annual events
  • Retroactive payment
  • Activities of religious organizations that serve primarily their membership and/or direct religious purposes unless the community at large will benefit significantly
  • Political advocacy
  • Fees for professional performers or guest artists